Best Office Cleaning Accessories

Whether it’s at the office or your home desk station, the best way to keep a clear head and be efficient is with a clean workstation. It can be tough sometimes when it gets busy but it’s great to take a moment to keep your space clean.

We’ve put together a list of the best products that help keep your workstation clean, so you can do what you do best.

1. Keyboard Mini-Vacuum


Even if you’re not eating at your desk (who isn’t), dust and particles get in between your keys and buttons. The best way to get in between the hard-to-reach spaces is with a mini vacuum. This model has a brush tip that helps get in between the keys for a deeper clean.

2. Electronic Wipes


If you’ve ever cleaned your computer screen with Windex or some other spray cleaner, you probably know that’s not the best. Cleaner spray can leave streaks and damage the screen. Electronic wipes are made to clean your monitor the right way. These electronic wipes also don’t leave streaks, so your screen will look good as new!

3. Keyboard Cleaning Kit


So you vacuumed your desk and wiped everything down but your keys are still sticking. Every once in a while you have to take things apart and get really into the keyboard. This multifunctional cleaning kit is everything you need to gently remove your keys and really care for your keyboard. That way everything works as it should.

5. Disinfecting Wipes


Surfaces get dirty over time. Duh right? Well, you need something that cleans them. Disinfecting wipes is the best way to do it. They’re convenient single wipes that you can just take one, clean, and throw away.

6. Hand Sanitizer


You’ve cleaned your desk and your computer, all that’s left is you. After your hands get sweaty or you’ve just been working for long enough, who doesn’t want to feel a bit cleaner? Not to mention current events…. I keep a little bottle on my desk when I feel like a bit of a refresher.

Thanks for checking out our list and I hope you found what you were looking for. Please feel free to let us know how we did and if there are any other lists you would like to see.